Do you need couch clarity?

Definition of Couch Clarity:  Sorting out your life’s issues in a positive way with the help of a therapist.

When used in a sentence:  “I just met with my therapist and was able to get some couch clarity!”

Couch Clarity is a private practice offering individual, couples, family and group psychotherapy.  We have a variety of therapists on staff to meet your therapeutic needs.  We offer traditional therapy sessions “on the couch” as well as therapy sessions while walking and talking on the Prairie Path.  Our Elmhurst, IL office is one block from the Prairie Path and the Villa Park, IL office is directly on the Prairie Path.

We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, but also take private pay or other insurance plans as out-of-network providers. We accept cash, check, Visa / Discover / MasterCard.

The start of Couch Clarity was due to an inspiration to create a space to meet the needs of our community.  Focusing on being empathetic, genuine and positive, Dr. Bercier and her staff create a comfortable and nonjudgmental approach to therapy for their clients.  The atmosphere is hopeful and encouraging where clients can feel relaxed and empowered to make a positive change in order to reach their life goals.

Who We Are

We take pride in who we are and what Couch Clarity stands for. We follow our profession’s code of ethics.  We practice our own self-care allowing us to be role models for our clients.  We are compassionate.  We are empathetic.  We do not judge.  We are relatable.  We can have a real conversation.  We respect our clients and each other.  We support our clients in improving their relationships with themselves and others.  We are guides in finding options that lead to solutions, rather than making decisions for our clients.  We assist our clients on their life’s path and journey.  We encourage positive thoughts and actions in helping our clients make a positive change.

We are Couch Clarity.

Our Vision

We believe that seeking metal health care should never carry a stigma and should always represent strength.  We believe that every issue is important if it is important to our clients.  We believe in never passing judgment.  We believe positive thinking leads to positive actions.  We believe that positive actions attract positive interactions.  We believe that there is no “normal”.  We believe when you walk through our door you embody power and a willingness to make a positive change.  We believe when you walk out of our door you will feel more optimistic and empowered than when you came in.  Because Couch Clarity helps the helper, our therapists are empowered and supported which enables them to help others in a more meaningful, compassionate and empathetic way.

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